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“The difference between good and great is an inspired idea and perspiration on your shirt.”Darrell Boswell (1955- ) Pastor, Teacher, Dreamer


You can find numerous things about me by typing in my name on your favorite search engine. You will find sermons, motivational and inspirational quotes and who knows what else. It's a fun exercise so go ahead: Rev. Darrell W. Boswell, Darrell Boswell.

Building Better Churches is nothing less than a book of proven principles that affect every aspect of church growth and care. The insights and many years of ministerial and corporate experience of Dr. Morris Sheats and Rev. Darrell Boswell are presented in a friendly, approachable manner, woven with personal anecdotes and solid advice. Church leaders will be hard pressed to find another book that covers so many relevant topics as well as Building Better Churches does.Published by TEC Publications, Building Better Churches has been used as a textbook in the Master of Divinity programs at Beacon University in Columbus, GA and Southeastern Assemblies of God University in Lakeland, FL.

Spending 20 years in corporate management, I have trained hundreds to be successful in sales, warehousing and distribution, business development, and product knowledge.Moving from a corporate environment into the church world, I found many of my motivational gifts were applicable in ministry as well. Recently I took a Spiritual Gifts Assessment and found my top three gifts are (1) Pastor (2) Teacher (3) Giving.In ministry I have had a number of doors opened to me. To God be the glory!

pastor, author, teacher & trainer

darrell boswell

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